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Enjoy Your Special Day

Music is so much more than just entertainment. Music can connect events to emotions, and create connections that last for so much longer than the song itself. Playing the right song at the right time can transform a simple moment into a timeless memory that comes flooding back to you anytime the song comes on the radio. Here at A Squared Entertainment, we strive to turn moments into memories by building these connections through music.


Your event is not just one entity - it is made up of many smaller moments. Our team is here to help you facilitate your event from one moment to the next, from one dance to another, from dance to announcement to spectacle.



These moments can stand on their own, but punctuating each moment with the right music can transform even the smallest moment into something special. We strive to curate the music we provide to every individual moment during your event to elevate them further.


When the right moment is paired with the right song, it can evolve into a memory that lasts for a lifetime. These memories can be brought back through the power of music whenever that song is played - on the radio, in a commercial, or in your own listening. Our goal is to create these memories through the services we provide.

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